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Circles of Care
Improving the hospital experience by empowering the patient's social network

Circles of Care
  Service structure
  Touch points

Scope: Service structure

The service frames existing solutions around a specific social context – THE HOSPITALIZATION


The diagram below lists the various stakeholders in our service and explains the relationships between them. Our service would be provided by a third party, like a medical insurance company. The patient expresses his wishes to Circles of Care. These wishes are then sent out in an information package to friends and family, and are given the opportunity to sponsor these wishes. Circles of Care has established relationships with a line-up of service companies who supply the products and services.

Circles of care service is part of a medical insurance company, a factor that enhances the service credibility for the patient, hissocial circle and for the hospital

Other stakeholders involved are:
The patient
The patient's friends and family
The hospital, hospital staff and administration
Affiliated companies that deliver the goods and services
Kind Strangers: anyone who is kind enough to care for people even if they don't know them personally (for lonely people)


Here is a list of touch-points between the various stake-holders in our service:

Subscriber (Future patient)

Before hospital: subscriber account
While hospitalized:
Circles of care representative in the hospital
communication center

Friends and family

While hospitalized:
Community center through internet
Community center through Mobile device
Community center through call center, Fax
Circles of care representative in the hospital


Circles of care representative
Circles of care customized application

Affiliate companies

CRM application:
- Order management
- Delivery management
- Billing

Circles of care representative in hospital

Circles of care customized application

Circles of care representative in call center

Circles of care customized application

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