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Circles of Care
Improving the hospital experience by empowering the patient's social network

Circles of Care
  Service structure
  Touch points

Scope: Service touch points

Subscriber (future patient) touchpoints

Outside hospital:
subscriber account (website / mobile application / call center):
- Update personal details
- List people to inform in case of hospitalization
- Make and update wishlist
- List people the patient would like to care for
- View and download communications after hospitalization

While hospitalized:
Bed side communication center:
- Service info
- Communications with social circle
- Illness information
- Entertainment
- Scheduling deliveries etc.

Circles of care representative in the hospital:
- Welcomes patient, friendly and caring face
- Initiates service
- Explains about service and about the "delight center"
- Initiate notification process
- Help creating the wish list
- Help order and schedule service delivery (massage, meals)
- Serve as interface for updating patient’s details
- Understand patient specific needs and communicate it to the supporting community

Circles of Care benefits for subscriber when hospitalized:
- Allows the patient to manage relationship with outside world
- Strengthen the connection with the social circle when hospitalized
- Enables the patients to receive comforts according to their needs


Patient's friends and family touchpoints

Community center:
- Via Web application/ eMail
- Via Mobile phone application
- Via Call center
Circles of care representative in hospital

Circles of Care benefits for friends and family:
- Reliable source of information about the patient
- Can care for hospitalized friends even when they're far away, busy or just too lazy to visit
- Give and receive support from other friends of the patient
- Ability to arrange activities for the patient's benefit

  Hospital touchpoints:
Circles of care customized application Circles of care representative in the hospital:
Relationship with hospital staff
Gather info regarding patient:
- Nutrition
- Illness (for educational materials)
- Approval for wish list
- Dr's recommendations for gifts

Circles of Care benefits for hospital
Differentiates them from other hospitals
Save money
quicker recovery: patients feel better (mentally)
Reuse of "delight center" for medical purposes as well
More information available to the relatives = less time spent on answering their questions
Educate patient

Circles of care representative touch points:
Circles of care application:
- Collects and updates patient's info
- Schedule service delivery
- Update community center

Affiliated companies touchpoints:
Circles of care CRM application:
- Order Management
- Delivery management
- Billing

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