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Circles of Care
Improving the hospital experience by empowering the patient's social network

Circles of Care


A number of solutions were brainstormed but we decided to focus on two technological touch points. The typical 2.5 G cell phone as well as a patients bed side media centre which we named the "Delight Centre".

The Cell Phone

The cell phone is the killer app. with regard to seamless on the move communication. The very nature of human mobile interaction fits perfectly with the nature of the Circles of Care service.

With this regard the service from the cell phone perspective would involve either an iMode style execution or more typical browser style application.

On the friends side they would access the patients own Circles of Care homepage to gather up to date information, schedule events with other Circles of Care members and the patient himself, purchase a gift from the "Wishlist" or   and other number of services available from the service.

The Delight Centre

The Delight Center or media centre is a monitor type device and sits at arms length from the patient. Its connected to the circles of care network and so can access information pertaining to the patient and the service.

This device has many functions which range from simple TV watching to two way communication from the patient to the outside family and friends. The patient is able to receive rich digital communications as illustrated in one of the scenarios.

Scenario 1. TV Together

Keeping the continuum of social and family life while hospitalized.

"TV together". Its F1 high-season and Marcello (our patient) is in hospital. Marcello's best friend Marco, decides that Marcello, although in hospital should still experience all the bravado of F1. The friends have always met at each others house to witness the sport as its always been a social event.

  • Marco enters Circles of Care on his mobile phone. He selects TV together and is prompted to go through various scheduling criteria in order to set the event up.
  • Once the invitation has been created Marco sends it off to the selected members. In this case Enzo receives the invite in the form of an sms while Fabrizio and Gianluigi receive it as an email. Marcello (our patient) receives the notification and invitation on his "Delight Centre".
  • On the night of the event Gianluigi, Fabrizio and Enzo gather at Marco's home and begin watching the race. Marcello is still in hopsital and simultaneously watches the race on his delight centre.
  • During the race Marcello and the friends receive and send text style communications to one another. The recipient views the text on a band at the bottom of the TV screen or Delight centre. The use of emoticons style devices enhance the communication and add a sense of sponteneity.
Click here to view the scenario.

Scenario 2. Distant relationship and social obligations.

Gianni, Marcello's colleague and friend decides to forward the Circles of Care contact information onto the rest of the office staff. Helena, Marcello's boss receives the notification on her mobile phone. Helena decides, given the social dynamic and office etiquette, that it would be proper to acknowledge her employees situation and so decides to express this in a small way.

Scenario 3. Sing-a-long

Bridging distrances/keeping group identity.

  • Sandra, Marcellos sister who lives in Barcelona organises a SingAlong card through the Circles of Care website.
  • Sandra selects a song from a predetermined list. In this example she has decided that a spoonfull of sugar will be appropriate.
  • She rehearses records and reviews the recording of her voice over the music.
  • Sandra selects the recipients to follow through with the next stage of the SingAlong card creation.
  • Fabio, Marcellos cousin in Rome is one of the selected recipients and so receives an email with the link to the SingAlong.
  • Fabio enters the Singalong card and rehearses, records and reviews his contribution. He is also able to listen to Sandras contribution as it has already been recorded.
  • After everyone who was originally selected has made their contribution the system sends the SingAlong card off to Marcellos Delight Center.