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I'm a Design strategist, UX expert, and practical dreamer focusing on product innovation for over 15 years. My interest lies in the creation of experience platforms that change the way people act and perceive their actions.
I explore ways where existing social interactions and behaviors can be supported (or transformed) by technology and be better facilitated through new products and services.
I spent the last five years in Microsoft thinking about, and designing for the future of productivity in its broadest sense, first at Office labs a bleeding edge Technology + Design team, and then on a strategy team.
In 1999 I co-founded and managed one of the first Digital Product Design Agencies in Israel Max. Interactive. Max. Interactive provided comprehensive solutions to companies - coupling user centered design methods with business focused approach to create products that people love and companies value.
My career path has also led me to be a leading creative force in the Start-up trenches where I happily served, and to the winding roads of designing products and creating product strategies as a solo consultant.
I'm open to speaking opportunities, and would love to connect with people on the innovation front.

People+ Installation People+   Brand enhancement through physical interaction People+ in the Media:
reacting to mobile phones activity Modern lives are increasingly becoming more flexible, connected and mobile. We were asked to create an installation for Fjord's office space that will communicate the theme of mobility and its influence on people’s lives.
PEOPLE+ is an installation which exposes flows of communication, and stresses the fact that mobile communication expands the boundaries of a person and augments the distances one can reach.
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Mediating social relationship through mobile technologies BuddyBeads in the media:

My research looked at behaviors within groups of teenagers and explored how mobile communication technologies can come into play in meaningful ways in that context.
BuddyBeads are techno-jewelry items that facilitate non-verbal and emotional communication among group members, through codes and signals which the group decided upon together.
The BuddyBeads project suggests alternative communication forms among teenagers, which emphasize their social structures, behaviors and needs. Read more

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transforming the phone from task-oriented to socially-oriented Utilizing social networks for the benefit of hospitalized patients Blue collar mobility Connecting IDII and its guests Fuzzy logic  
My digital products design consultancy 1999-2003 Stage lighting application Collaborative interactive Mind-mapping application Broderbund's interactive greeting cards editor Fuzzy logic  
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